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Specialist Fields

IT localisation has long been my primary specialist field: Software, hardware, telecommunications, games, manuals, help files - I am familiar with everything in this field. My CAD/CAM expertise is a particular highlight. After having translated numerous detailed manuals on AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER (now Creo Parametric) and Pro/MECHANICA, I completed a basic AutoCAD course to learn how the user interface of a CAD program is designed and functions.
I have also completed numerous projects in the fields of mechanical engineering, logistics, medicine/medical technology and agricultural technology/agriculture. I carry out continuous professional development in these fields by attending webinars, courses, factory tours, trade fairs, etc. And every new project provides me with additional expertise in these specialist fields.
Some of my most successfully completed translations in my portfolio are listed below.
Mechanical engineering:
·        CNC machines (lasering, cutting, milling)
·        Offset printers
·        Extruders
·        Machines for the tobacco industry
·       Container construction and transport
·       Logistics software
·       Logistic systems training courses
Agricultural engineering:
·       High-tech milking systems
·       Product labels for animal feed and stall cleaning agents
Other technical projects:
·        Safety at work
·        Hazardous materials
·        Pumps
·       Label printers
·        Measurement equipment
·        Consumer electronics
Projects in other fields:
·       Medicine: Patient questionnaires, patient information sheets for clinical studies, dental hygiene and periodontics, diabetes, vascular surgery
·        Horses, horse breeding and equestrian sports; as an experienced rider, I am fully familiar with this specialist field
·        Flora and fauna: Collaborated in the translation of a comprehensive dog encyclopaedia published by the pet food manufacturer Royal Canin
·        Tourism: Translation of websites, online travel guides, tour and hotel descriptions, primarily from Italian to German
·        Sport: Collaborated in the translation of the online catalogue produced by the company Decathlon (specifically: angling); sport articles produced by the company Forcefield
·       Practical manuals on various topics: Fresh and seawater aquariums, country style interior designs, astrology, etc.
·       Construction and installation instructions
·       Websites and eCommerce
·        General correspondence

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